On Love

To all and every, equally

On Love

A manifesto

I am writing from a space of joy And clarity Vast as the boundless sky So that the words, sounds, rhythms Let pure consciousness arise And any suffering can be relieved By love

There is a force that unites everything From atoms to the whole universe What we call love is the emotional experience Of this force

Everywhere we’ve been looking for it It defines Our choices Our lives Our bodies and minds This is a path to its understanding

Infinite love is our natural state It cannot be forced or faked It appears when consciousness is liberated

Here Now We let go of everything Stripping ourselves entirely To touch Our nude consciousness

Each instant of infinity Consciousness is falling in love with matter

To love the self Is to understand it To understand the self Is to understand every human being

Love is freeing us We don’t belong to an ideology anymore We are everything All fractals of the same consciousness

We welcome in our minds The others And begin to understand them In all their complexity

We want to feel This infinite love So we are giving it to everything and every being Including our whole self Right now In this very instant

Love is spreading from our heart Touching every part of ourselves Every cell Every thought Every personality trait Without exception It doesn't stop anywhere and continues to expand Naturally There is nothing inside us and outside us That isn't touched by love

We love our sufferings Our angers Our fears And we see their metamorphose

We love our desires Our goals Our intentions And we see their alchemy

Happiness is this Love It is sweet joy Softness Clarity Freedom And understanding

Infinite love is complete freedom For craving is the urge that screams at us To look for love We find it immediately Again and again

Love is confidence There is no anxiety nor fear anymore They all vanished In this vibrating ocean

Love is creative It brings beings to the world And cares for them So it does for luminous desires

As a creative manifestation of the whole We understand that each of our words Is an expression of Love We just had to uncover it

We are looking to any problem or difficulty with love And this way already begin to solve it

We are feeling now The unity of the world We let it expand, and pacify

We thought philosophy was the love of wisdom Now we know it is the wisdom of love

Love is a vessel for Life We are entirely conscious of participating to it Each part of our bodies Each movement of our souls Is an emanation of Life Giving us this infinite kind of love

Creation Is love In action

Even our fights are done with love For it transforms conflicts Into creativity

Connected by love To others To strangers Even to those at the opposite of our beliefs We are creating peace

Do you feel it ?

Love is like water Quenching our infinite thirst Our minds abiding in ecstasy

Love is love Everything loved is a door to its access Even the simplest manifestation Can open the door

Our Hearts are opening to Life Our minds are opening To Everything All our emotions Kindly embraced All our wounds Cared

When love is lost We use these words As a compass

We are so many To be ready